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California vodka handcrafted from 100% apples and fresh Sierra Nevada mountain water. Naturally gluten-free. No sugar added. Double-carbon filtered for just a hint of fruit and a super-smooth finish. Sip it. Shoot it. Mix it with fresh juices. Elevate your cocktails!

Voted Best  in Class Vodka, Platinum Medal, and Consumer Choice Award Winner International SIP Awards Spirits Competition. Best in Class Vodka and Gold Medal Winner California Craft Spirits Competition two years in a row.

Rocket Vodka is The Après Spirit®️. Celebrate Peak Moments!

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Exceptionally delicious!
Quite possibly, no- unmeasurably the best vodka ever distilled. The pure crispness and quality of taste is honed in on the dynamic taste of pure vodka made from apples. Take a few bottles home today and you will never regret it. Review by Dustin Bessette / (Posted on 10/30/2018)
Clean, desirable
I usually order Chopin potato vodka for my martinis, but tried this at a bar in San Diego over the summer and have told many people about it since. I am keen to get my own bottle!
Review by Emappeal / (Posted on 10/30/2018)
Two frozen thumbs up! Way up. To the moon
Tasty treat on or off the mountain Review by Casey.vilensky / (Posted on 12/18/2016)
Very, very good
Like the previous reviewer, my house vodka is Ketel but I definitely prefer Rocket - love the suble flavorings. Haven't tested the morning after yet. Review by Charlie S. / (Posted on 7/6/2016)
I know the folks at Rocket, but I wouldn't write a good review unless I really liked something -- and with Rocket, I do! I'm usually a Ketel drinker, sometimes Gray Goose, Absolut or Skyy if Ketel's not behind the bar. I prefer Rocket to all of these, so far. I got a sample bottle today to try. I found the vodka to be very smooth, similar to Gray Goose. The best thing is after two drinks, no post-drink headache. That's one reason I gave up on Tito's -- it always left me feeling a bit rough. Obviously, everyone has different tastes. But for me, Rocketvwas up there with the big brands. Review by Danny Sullivan / (Posted on 4/2/2016)